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What makes us unique is our ability to completely pre-assembled, finish and disassemble complete rooms of parquet flooring. Every component needed for your floor is fabricated offsite. Our layout service is available for all Contour Parquet flooring in order to ease and speed the installation, as well as reduce wasted time and materials. With our pre-assembly service, panels and planks are sized to fit into individual rooms and include the necessary features required to produce a finished floor, such as thresholds, nosings, fireplace frames, planks and custom borders.

We produce your rooms in our facilities and, using our experience, create the most aesthetic layout of the panel design selected. Your floor arrives on-site as a room kit with all pieces numbered, a floor plan and a room template, ready for installation. Since your floor is pre-cut and finished in our controlled environment, the amount of time necessary for on-site completion can be reduced by ninety percent over conventional methods. Upon installation, our panels and planks create a floor that is a modern antique.

When will the furniture be assembled?
You decide the date and time of delivery and assembly. After purchase, you can agree the details of the assembly with the dealer, based on your needs.

Who carries out the home measurements to ensure that the furniture is properly assembled? 
The person who gave the estimate usually measures the spaces in question. Since this is a delicate stage, the dealer may in certain cases delegate it to an experienced person specifically assigned to handle the measurement of spaces for assembly. This person will ensure that the measurements are taken as soon as possible: if he is available on the spot, no time will be wasted!

When will my new Colombini furniture be delivered? 
The products will reach your home within 30 days at most, and a 50-day deadline will apply only in certain cases (e.g. if lacquer work is involved).

Who will be assigned the task of delivering and assembling my furniture? 
Colombini Casa always strives to ensure that its authorised dealers use exclusively qualified and experienced personnel. You needn’t worry, therefore: your new home is in good hands! The installers are employees of the outlet or, in certain cases, external teams selected for their reliability and experience, who will handle your furniture with the care and attention you expect. Therefore if you are not satisfied with the results, you can always contact your dealer who will assist you during all phases of the assembly, so that everything runs as smoothly as possible.

How long does the furniture assembly take? 
Kitchen installations generally take between a half day and one full day’s work. The installation/assembly of other furniture varies depending on the furniture in question.

How will the assembly the carried out? 
The outlet will give their specialised assembly personnel (normally two or three men) the final installation plans for your Colombini environment – kitchen, living room or bedroom – so that what you have agreed with the dealer is quite clear, thus minimising errors and misunderstandings. In certain cases, such as for open plan kitchens, you can also make last-minute changes if you consider this necessary, thus ensuring maximum flexibility.

Will the assembly men also look after electrical and plumbing connections? 
No. They do not carry out any electrical or plumbing work, such as connecting the gas for the stove or the electricity for the dishwasher. External specialised personnel will be needed in such cases.

Create a more elegant and sophisticated living room with a customized coffee table by Counter Kings. Clients may furnish the table with a granite, quartz, or quartzite slab with your choice of color, size, and shape to fit your industrial office space or home.