Add Exceptional value to your home with new marble countertops

You spent a lot of money installing a new countertop or purchased a home with a marble counter and you’d like these surfaces to be really clean and shine? The good news is that marble can almost always be restored to “like-new” condition. So, if it’s looking dull, you can always have it refinished to any desired finish.

We can restore it to clean, like new shine finish

When the damages are scattered over the counter surface, the finish is worn, or color is dull and improving is desired, it is more economical and efficient to order countertop restoration than apply a temporary solution like wax or “finish solution”.

We can repair, repolish or refinish your counters, renewing and enhancing the overall appearance of your kitchen or bathroom. Depending on the issue we’ll determine whether you need some improvements or a complete countertops restoration.

Wet sanding the marble counters with resin bond diamond pads, in most cases starting with 120 grits and finishing with 1000, then buffing using a marble polishing paste to get the shiny finish. Sealer is being applied to protect the stone from stains. In case of a granite countertop since the stone is harder starting from 400 grits and the last grit is 3500 or 8500.
Enrich and seal is applied to protect from staining and bring out the color of granite.

The repair may include following; scratches and stains removal, chips and cracks repair and practically any type of marble damage.  The finish can be modified or restored to a matte finish (honed), semi-gloss, or high-gloss finish.

We can combine the following repairs, saving your time and money:

1. Shine restoration + scratches and etches removal + chips repair + re-caulking and sealing  (most popular).

2. Crack repair + entire countertop repolishing.

3. Finish modification to hone or shine +  sealing.

4. Stains removal + sealing.

Some of those repairs are technically related to each other and therefore it’s more efficient to do it at the same time. Otherwise, they can be done separately.